1 pair stout waterproof boots

2 pairs long underwear Socks and underwear

2 extra pairs of pants--not more!

Rain gear

2 pairs of gloves

Blaze orange vest and cap toiletries

Hunting knife with sharpener

2 flashlights

Camera, sunscreen and chapstick (VERY IMPORTANT)

Warm sleeping bag that is compressible

Hunting jacket

Towel rifle or bow

Binoculars (good ones!)

Survival kit--compass, matches, fire starter, emergency blanket, etc.

Fanny pack or backpack to carry your gear

(2) 1-quart water bottles--very important to avoid dehydration

Collapsible meat saw (very important to field-dress an elk)

Game bags for 4 quarters of meat (remember, deer-sized bags hold only one quarter)

3 shirts and undershirts (we recommend polypropylene and wool-NOT cotton)


Pack-in camp allows 65 lbs. – 1 duffel bag, Army type, with 1 stuff sleeping bag and that includes your food.  You can wear your back pack when you pack in. 

Wild Mountain Outfitters is an equal opportunity provider
Wild Mountain Outfitters is a permittee of the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison National Forests

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